…get all the correct pieces together.

Hidden Desire Exposed

The idea of summer for me is always accompanied with trips, beaches, and summer heat. Along with these experiences is my desire to build a sand castle which is actually one of my frustrations when I was a child. Because I was not that creative enough, I always envied my eldest brother who used to build beautiful and wonderful castles and towers by the seashore.

Couple of weeks ago, I had this chance of fulfilling my childish frustration. I spent hours building my castle by the beautiful seashore of an incredible island. Knowing that I’m old enough and more able to create things, I had tried to fashion my desire, but little did I know that the experience was much bigger than my prior knowledge.

I told myself that I’m going to build a castle… my castle. I dug. I formed. With no particular shape in mind, I just continued to fashion the sand.

As I was doing my castle, I was surprised to be led to a cross-like shaped of a castle. I was mesmerized. I never really thought of it. Actually, I did not want to sound a bit religious in fulfilling my desired castle. However, as far as I know, sand is a powerful way of unveiling the desires of our hearts in a therapy.

As I finished my castle, I was reminded, “Perhaps, it’s not really a castle that I want in the future; but just a home with Christ in it.” It’s more appealing and desirable to me to have a family who will follow the One I’m serving than a castle with a family who does not know whom to believe in. Thus, a hidden desire was once again unveiled.


 For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life? Indeed, what can they give in return for their life?”



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