…get all the correct pieces together.

The Trail

Months ago, I was totally rebuked harshly by one of my “friends”. He’s not new to me and because of the special kind of relationship I had with him, I openly accepted all of his accusations which were really true. But after that, I had chosen to stay away because I was really hurt by the words that he used.

I like going to different places; I like traveling and just last week, I had this rare privilege to join a 5-day Sagada trip. The journey was an 11 to 12-hour travel by land. It involved some sort of trekking, walking, gliding, and even climbing. I totally enjoyed the trip. We passed through an incredible cave for two hours which has cold water and huge beautiful rocks in it; trudged along cliffy mountains and a village’s rice terraces for almost an hour (one way only) just to get to a big waterfall called, “Bomod-ok”; and followed some mystery trails leading to some ancient hanging coffins.

Seemingly, it’s just easy for me to say these experiences but actually I really had undergone great struggle during the trip. I cannot take away the fact that I almost gave up from trekking along those dangerous cliffs. My breathing was not good; I didn’t undergo training nor get some cool advice from any experts. I got a lot of unnoticed bruises and wounds. However, I noticed that the more I conquered one great experience from another, the more I desire to achieve higher. And now, all I have are stories of my team’s conquer.

lumiang cave

This experience cannot stop me from relating it to my life’s learning. After reaching the peak of the mountain joyfully, exiting the dark cave safely, and seeing the coffins daringly, I realize all of our struggles have a great hold on us. They have the power to hold us forever if we let them to. Each trail is a mark of our experiences whether good or bad, happy or sad. Struggles will always be there for us as long as we live. As my knees trembled as I followed  the trail towards my destination and as my breath struggled as I fought the uselessness that I felt, hope victoriously emerged as I noticed that I have reached the peak, finished the course, and declared that I have won over my battle.

My friend is right with the words that he presented to me – that I was inconsistent, immature and so on and so forth. However, I’d like to personally thank him for telling me the truths about me though it hurts. I know that he’s been used by God to remind me who I was before and who I am now today. He’s been used to remind me of all the pains and struggles that I have been through just like what I had experienced in my trip, but what matters most is the person that I am now after all those terrible things that happened. Though I already have that undying pain caused by unforgettable events, nothing compares to God’s sovereignty in my life; How His saving grace has redeemed me from darkness and transferred me into His light, how His unconditional love has accepted me wholly and fully despite my ability to fail Him again and again, and how His tender and loving mercy has picked me up from the deepest pit that I’ve been through. With these, more mountains to conquer and more caves to master!


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