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Stranger in my Defense

We all have our own defenses in life… defenses which are built by pain, doubt, confusion, and fear. Don’t get it wrong. In fact, they aim to protect the person inside from being damaged. Who wants to get hurt easily, in the first place? Of course, no one. Even the plants and animals have their own defense mechanisms. However, no matter how tall, huge, and strong our defenses are in our own estimation, there will always come a time when these defenses are being penetrated by their own limitations.

standing at by the wall.jpgMine was penetrated by a stranger. Out of nowhere, she blocked me from putting another stone to fortify my defense. Nevertheless, as our conversation started to get a little bit deeper, I recognized that she’s not actually stopping me from building my wall unlike some other penetrators do. As we have our little chat, I have learned from her life that:

1. Defenses are a natural reaction when we’ve been hurt, especially a couple of times. Don’t get guilty about that; however, what matters most as you build your defenses is your ability to renew, encourage, and transform the person inside those defenses… and that person is YOU. You should not remain desolate and discouraged. If that’s the case, your defense is not a defense anymore but a cave of fear.

2. Not all penetrators seek to destroy; some can give comfort and support. Don’t be afraid to let some ‘strangers’ enter your place but of course, it requires great caution. For one, some would just want to take a look and pretend to be of help. But their sincerity is tested when chaos started to penetrate. These onlookers choose to take control of your defense instead of allowing and trusting you to be in-charge. In contrast, there are strangers who get attracted to your wall not just to pretend to help but because they know how to help. They know how to for in reality, they see their defenses on yours. They do not take control but they cheer your ability to control.

Indeed, “it takes a while to know a stranger,” as one movie says. As the journey of our lives is a stranger to us, help will always unfold its way to those who deserve it. As you fortify the defense of your life, make it also a place of comfort and peace to those who need it. For our broken lives should not remain as a place of desolation and destruction for in such a case, life can’t be called as ‘life’, instead, it should be a place of rebirth and renewal as what life really deserves.


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