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Sharing a Little Heaven

Some people say that life is fair while others would raise their hands and testify that it isn’t and will never be fair; perhaps, it’s one good reason why there are certain people who would choose to have miserable lives… perhaps. But as for me, my experience that Sunday morning paved a way for me to understand something more in this life.

I was all dressed up to attend a usual Sunday mass. Before I leave our house, I made it sure that I am ready to face the great heat of this summer. I had a cool splash of clear water and the last thing that I put in my bag was my hand fan. Now, as I had approached a public non-air-conditioned vehicle, I noticed that there were things loaded inside of that vehicle which blocked the way of anyone getting in. In short, getting in was never easy, plus the tiny bits of sweat running through my body and face… they just slightly annoyed me.

As I found my seat, I admit that I was really irritated. I tried to figure out the things inside. There’s a wheelchair, next to it was an opened bag filled with dirty clothes, and there’s another huge bag just in front of me. Then I noticed that I was with people who most of them (maybe) were not yet taking their baths. They’re all sweating. So, just imagine the smell, if you were me… mind to say, we were 16 people inside that vehicle.

As I lifted up my head, I observed that there was a disabled person. I cannot figure out his illness. But I am certain that the person cannot walk nor talk. He’s also shaking. He was being accompanied by someone, his mother, I supposed. The woman was holding a tore cardboard piece which she used to fan him. While looking at them from time to time, my irritation lessened… eventually it was substituted by compassion. Then I thought, “Obviously, they never wanted to be in that situation. Who wants to be in it by the way? No one! But this life has been like that to them. I neither can point my finger upward and ask Him nor can point my finger at my neighbor and blame him. ‘Putting my shoe to theirs’ would feel like hell. Yeah… perhaps, it feels like hell for them. Worst scenario will be, if the father left them with nothing. What else can I do to make them feel a little heaven in this ‘hell-like’ world? ”


Then, I remembered my fan. It is larger than usual. I bought it in a fund-raising mission some months ago. I have to admit that all through my ride, I struggled to give it away. It is because the climate was really hot but more than that, I thought, ‘Would this be enough?’ Of course, the answer is no. However, the thought of a little heaven in this ‘hell-like’ world came up to my mind. And so, before I leave our stop and as I wait to hold the wheelchair and support it while the woman is transferring him, I made it sure that I would be able to give my fan away.

As I was continuing my travel to my destination, I was reflecting. For them, perhaps, life is unfair. There are some situations which we really can’t fully explain why they’re happening to us, especially to the ‘good ones’. But as for me by now, I realized… by sharing a little love to such people, we are giving them a little taste of heaven and a little taste that life could not always be unfair.


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