…get all the correct pieces together.

Genuine Masculinity

“To be spiritually masculine, men should know the balance of their receptivity and vulnerability.” -James Nelson


Receptivity refers to the ability to accept feedback and criticisms from other people and being open for development. Vulnerability is one’s skill to accept weakness and the reality that he’s also in need.

Men, your genuine masculinity will never be measured on how huge your muscles are nor how strong you punch… how many girls you date out with nor how many of them cried… how long you hold back your tears nor how good you care for those at risk. But it will be proven on how “gentle” you are to the ones in need regardless or their ages, sexes, and status in your community.  Your masculinity will also be tested on how open you are for correction and how long you can commit to a serious relationship. It’s like you are being open to be your true and loving self despite the fact that this hostile world endorses its own definition of masculinity. Try not to be persuaded by it.  Be the best and true masculine that you can be! Shalom.


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