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Everyday Deserves a Chance

Happy New Year!

Whether you believe it or not, I just spent my New Year’s eve trying to ignore the loud noise brought by fireworks and loud music. I was in bed trying to fall asleep as if I was not hearing anything (even my mom’s call). I missed the beauty of fireworks and I missed the opportunity to enjoy what life brought me at that moment. All I know, something’s hindering me from celebrating that blessed midnight.

Then as I recall, perhaps it’s because of fear and worry. I must admit that I am really bombarded with the things that I have to accomplish as a professional and as a student. After this week, I will be facing the reality of my loads and deadlines. I am fully aware of everything; however, it’s like my mind is willing to work and finish everything but my body refuses. It’s really a struggle everytime these two are in complete disagreement. With these, doubt starts to linger in my heart, asking me, “Can you finish everything before Monday?” Then fear and worry are working together to put me down.

Nevertheless, it’s just amazing how conscience moves in my life every time I am feeling such negativity. I read a chapter from the book, “Everyday Deserves a Chance” by Max Lucado hoping to gain new insight in this life; and it never failed me.

“An hour is too short, a year too long. Days are the bite-size portions of life, the God-designed segments of life management.” And I agree with this statement.  It’s a good thing that God has given as 24-hours to manage… one day at a time. Perhaps, He’s giving us the opportunity to enjoy our day and make it perfect. However, in reality, there are moments when we are missing the opportunity to enjoy a specific day. Max offered the following things for us to keep in mind as we face our day:

1. You no longer have yesterday. Well, it’s true. There’s no chance of sleeping then waking up in the same date, right? Yesterday will always be a yesterday… a portion of our past.

2. You do not yet have tomorrow. Well, this speaks to me a lot. I always worry what will happen in the future and forgetting what lies for me in that moment. Perhaps, it happens to you, as well. You can’t spend tomorrow’s life-benefits today for time will come, you will never have enough for tomorrow.

3. Live in it. Give your today a chance. Live in it. If the Lord has given us a 24-hour day to manage, manage it well. Make your day perfect in your own expectation. Do it everyday and imagine what will happen for the rest of the year…. amazing, isn’t it?

May the song of the psalmist be the song of our hearts every single day… “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Have a perfect day ahead! Shalom.


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