…get all the correct pieces together.


“I’m in a battlefield, and it looks like the enemy is winning. I am wounded and I am on my knees. I have bruises and I can feel my own blood running through my dirty face; this blood covers up my eyes. I can’t see!

I’m in a dilemma. I am confused. How will I be able to win? Do I need to get up, take my sword and trust my own senses to win this battle that I have been fighting for all this time? Or should I trust the voice that’s been convincing me to trust and listen to Him ever since this battle began?

It seems that every battle is really a do or die one. I want to believe that I am not afraid to die. Whether I live or die, one thing is on my mind: that I have fought a good fight, that I have finished this race, and I have kept my faith. Yes, surely I’ll die but my death is just a beginning of something better. This is just a beginning of something greater.”

Whatever kind of battlefields you’re undergoing right now, never forget their purpose: to test, to toughen, and to teach. Many times, a true victor is pronounced not on how much strength he has showed in public but how much courage he has exerted in private.


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