…get all the correct pieces together.

Beyond His Looks

I was once asked before, “What makes a male, male?” To answer that question, I spent seven days to reflect. I looked upon my own encounter with men, reviewed my past studies including my biblical image about ’em, and observed men using the lens of the present times. Then, I answered, “For me, a male is truly male if he has a sense of responsibility and proper disposition…” Then, I continued with great frustration, “however, it’s very hard to find such person.” But before this day ends, I realize, I was wrong… because I met one.

Undoubtedly, this person has good looks; he drives a car, knows to handle himself in public, “life” of the party, perhaps, has a good sense of humor… in short, he has a pleasing personality. Though these things really matter, I think there’s a missing element. Actually, the first time I saw him, I told myself, “What’s the use of looks if you’re too shallow on things that really matter?” However, after talking with him for almost three hours, I realize that he’s really a male… beyond his looks.

Sense of Responsibility

  • Being responsible means doing our tasks, faithfully, though there would be a lot of criticisms even from people who are so dear to us.
  • Being responsible means you know when to take over and when to move out of the scenario.
  • Being responsible means you don’t know all things but you are willing to take control of your actions or lack of actions.

Proper Disposition

  • You don’t need to defend yourself to everyone; you just have to know your ground and act.
  • You cannot run the race of other people; so, run yours.
  • You can’t know everything; so, at least, know “vicarious” learning.

I know he’s not perfect. I know he has a lot of limitations and flaws, and that I am just becoming subjective on this idea. But despite these things, I am glad that it’s not hard to find a person like him… and he just proved to me that such person exists and now, I am starting to believe that such men exist.


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