…get all the correct pieces together.

Unconditional Love for Pain

There’s a very deep pain inside of me, perhaps this is the same with anyone. A kind of pain which causes me to do a lot of stuffs just to get rid of it. I have denied it and thought that it never happened. I have tried to run away and hide. I have tried to keep myself busy and I even conditioned myself that I am already fine. However, that pain keeps on disturbing me.  It keeps on recurring all over again ’til I find myself confused, distracted, alienated, and disappointed.

I asked the Lord to take it all away from me but He remained silent. I told Him that I am really broken and suffering, but He just looked at me with full empathy. I asked Him, “Why?” But He just hugged me to let me feel His love and acceptance. With great disappointment, I looked at Him in the eye then I saw what He wanted to say, “My child, here’s one truth that you have to know… there will always be a deep-level of pain inside you that only unconditional love can heal. Your own efforts will never be enough for I placed that pain inside you as a thorn in the flesh. A thorn that will cause you to come to Me for healing and for comfort. A thorn that will make you realize sympathy and empathy. A thorn that will make our relationship deeper and sweeter. And most of all, a thorn that will make you the person that I wanted you to be. You don’t have to worry; you simply have to trust me that someday you will hear this statement, “I love you just the way you are” and that statement will wipe away all  deep-level of pains in your heart and replace it with joy and unconditional love just as I love you.”


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