…get all the correct pieces together.

The Only Option

“Don’t allow somebody to make you as one of his options but stand on your ground that you are the only option.” (Michelle McKinney Hammond and Joel A. Brooks, Jr.)

This is what I discover this day. People usually love but most of them never think about this idea. They tend to place themselves as one of somebody’s options but never the only option. To put it into simple terms, consider the following examples.

[Names are changed.] 

          Dan admits that he’s so in love with Rhiana and he knows it very well that the lady loves him, too. But because of fear, knowing exactly that there are better and more incredible ladies out there for him and more deserving men for her, he can’t commit. Unknowingly, he places his ‘girl’ as one of his options to choose from.

          Rhiana who’s so in love with Dan feels that her ‘guy’ can’t promise her anything though they are emotionally attached with each other. But despite the condition, she’s willing to wait no matter how long will it takes. She’s far more willing to undergo the process of pain for she feels that no one will love her just the same.

For our “Dan” out there whether a male or a female: there will always be a better person. But remember it’s not about finding a perfect one but loving an imperfect person, perfectly. It’s good that fear is in your heart for it will warn you to what could happen. However, never put somebody you really love as one of your options to choose from; for if you really love that person, no other options will be able to come over him or her.

For our “Rhiana” our there: never dwell on the idea that no one will love you just the same. That’s a lie, for in fact, when the right one comes along, s/he will love you not just the same but actually, above to what you could ever imagine [only if you have a full grasp of your worth as a person]. Don’t allow anyone to place you as one of his or her options but it takes great courage to take yourself out of the situation to make him or her realize that you are the only option. If s/he failed to recognize it, then, s/he is not for you. Always remember: you are valuable.


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