…get all the correct pieces together.

Mysterious Love

This day, I met a wonderful ‘couple’. They are not really a couple but perhaps, in a process of becoming. And there are certain things that I realize by just observing them and putting myself on their shoes.


If you really love a guy, you are willing to wait no matter how long it is. You are willing to sacrifice all of your reasoning (perhaps that is the reason why they say that brainy women become ‘fools’ when it comes to love). Ladies tend to exert all of their effort and patience in waiting knowing that their men are on the other side of their promises. And so, women tend to show how caring they really are to their men even though they are ‘just’ in that process of becoming and not totally in that process. Ladies love their men all-out and tend not to look at any other guys out there who are ‘buzzing’ like a bee while flying around a beautiful flower. You love with all your hearts.


If you really love your girl, you would do everything to keep her. You tend to say all kinds of promises and plans for her; that is why, as much as possible, you will try to prove yourself by doing things that will prove your virility. You make sure that it is you who will be leading the relationship that’s in the process. You smile when you notice that your girl shows kindness and affection. You feel special and loved as you recognize her sweetness in one way or another. In return, you feel that your girl is the one and you want to show it to her by ‘directing’ her footsteps. However, you are a man… a man of seeking and proving. There are times when you’ll recognize that there will always be better than her especially when you see her lacks and weaknesses. If you are not careful to this idea, you’ll get confused and you would want to make sure.

 Oh love… is this really your nature? Ladies tend to love with all their hearts and gentlemen tend to love with all their minds. Dangers are just at hand: ladies will love even to the last drop of their blood while men will love to the last knack of their eyesight. Oh love…. how will I know that beyond your inscrutability, lucidity lies?


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