…get all the correct pieces together.

Patient Man (syento-bente)

I met a very patient man this day and that made me happier and more satisfied.

The 16-hour of travel is not an easy task; plus the fact that you are not being paid for, is a different matter. I salute his patience to us. He went with us wherever we want to go without complaints; he drove us to our destination safe and sound, and even photographed us using his ‘baby’ camera. I said to myself, ‘Wow! He is really great to be with.’ He is really an incredible one. I don’t know exactly his purpose why he shows that kind of goodness to us. I cannot even measure and predict his ways. But one thing is for sure, I can feel that he is really sincere to what he is doing… no facades… no masks…

Through him, I discover when you are patient, kindness and goodness overflow in your heart; they are reflected on what you do. More so, I think, [sometimes] you can be kind but not good; however, you cannot be good and unkind at the same time.

It’s a nice feeling to be with a patient person and that demands me to do the same thing… without facades and without masks though I know it would take me a long way to run… but just like our travel, I know I will arrive to that destination… soon.


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